Shipping Damage

The endeavors to use reliable and reputable carriers, but occasionally shipping damage does occur. is not liable to any shipping damage other than purchase of shipping damage insurance. All shipping damage claims must be made against the shipping carrier.


Resolving the problem of transit damage or loss depends on the cooperation of all parties. It is imperative that you follow these guidelines:


1.) Inspect all shipments upon arrival. If damage or loss is apparent upon delivery, do not accept the shipment until you make a notation of the damage on all copies of the carrier's pro bill and have the driver sign all copies to acknowledge the notation. Do not sign a clear receipt for damaged or missing cartons or there will be no basis for a claim. Ask the carrier to make a detailed inspection of the damage. File a claim with the carrier. Cooperate and follow up as necessary to secure final settlement.



2.) Even if damages are acknowledged in writing by the driver, you must request an inspection by the carrier and retain the merchandise, carton, and package materials at the address to which shipment was made until the carrier authorizes movement. The carrier must provide you with an inspection report. In case of concealed damage, inspection must be requested within 5 days of receipt of shipment.


3.) Immediately (within 5 days after receipt of the damaged package) advise your dealer of all damages or problems. Delayed report will result in denial of the damage claim. DO NOT RETURN MERCHANDISE TO File your claim with the carrier, enclosing damage pictures, copies of the bill of lading (signed by the driver) and inspection report as support. Keep all packing materials and boxes with the damaged product. Do not throw anything away. Lack of the packing materials will also result in denial of the damage claim.


Although will provide every assistance possible, we cannot be responsible for the actual filing of claims on the carrier or accept liability for uncollectible freight claims. If an immediate replacement of the damaged product is required by the customer, depends on the availability of the item, will provide a replacement product at the originally quoted price; and, if you desire, once the claim has been settled, we will accept the return of the freight damaged product for whatever credit we can provide, based upon its salvage value.